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The main theme – is to discuss the basics of stock investing. But, stock market is not a topic that can be studied independently. Discussing stocks requires reference to many topics on finance, economics, accounting and taxes. So, to support the main theme, these topics will also find a place in this blog.

Why stock markets?

Because, Stock markets is the only place where you can start creating wealth with a little money. All it requires is a bit of discipline, average intelligence and good temperament. Any other form of investment (like real estate, gold etc..)are not strictly regulated like stocks and they may also require substantial capital investment.

The reality however, is just the opposite. People have made more money by investing in assets like real estate and the stock market still remains infamous for destroying common man’s wealth. Worldwide, you’ll find more people who have invested and destroyed their wealth in stock markets. People with bad temperament and emotional attachment generally fail in stock markets.

The reason for this is that, profitable investing in stock requires proper financial knowledge and a cool mental attitude. Hence, this blog is for anyone who aspires to get knowledge in stock markets and if you are one among them, we’re sure this site is going to help you a lot.

Choosing Stocks (or any other asset for that matter) to invest from the many choices available is not an easy task to do. Depending on the type and nature of investment you choose, there are varying degrees of risk associated with it. As you will realize from our basic lessons on investing, risk is part and parcel of all type of investments and success of any investment you’ve made depends on how well you have managed the risk part of it.

Not just stocks…

Another reason why you’ve navigated to this blog is because you realize that money is a precious tool. We work hard for it and we try our best to save as much as possible. However, in these uncertain times, just working hard and saving money may not be enough to maintain a comfortable living. You are supposed to protect and grow your money so that you are safe from financial crisis at any stage of life.

You also need to assess the way you handle your money and take corrective measures if required. The degree of financial discipline you have will decide how much you can save and invest. We hope our articles on financial planning will throw some light on the right path.

Where did we get the idea from?

The motivation to develop this blog came from the realization that there are many web sites which offer theoretical explanations but there aren’t many in the Indian context. Some web sites are great in giving fee based stock recommendations but fall short when it comes to explaining the theory.

Another reason is that over the years, thousands of ‘sure profit stock calls’ have been made by brokers and analysts. But unfortunately, the reality is that majority of the stock market investors are still in loss. Whether it’s recession or boom, the broker’s primary aim to generate more brokerage so that their broking business is in profits. For that, daily trades should keep ticking. The way to achieve this is to keep on giving ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ calls.

So, through this blog, we attempt to strike the golden mean. We believe that anyone who takes pain to learn the basics would never run into trouble investing in shares. This site will help you immensely on your way to become a full fledged investor.

Besides my own experience, my writings are also influenced by myriad sources which I have used to study about the subject. Although this site discusses the subject in the Indian context, the principles discussed are universally applicable.

You may also find stock suggestions based on fair valuations. Before committing to buy or sell, investors are advised to conduct their own independent research. Apart from discussing financial basics and stocks, you’ll also find useful information about alternative investments such as Mutual funds, Gold, and insurance.

What you shouldn’t expect.

Easy formulas to make quick bucks. There will not be any daily stock calls or ‘sure profit’ tips ‘n tricks. Such tactics don’t work in stock markets.

The reality is in front of us. Do you think you should take chances with your hard earned money? Stop for a moment and know what’s going on ..

Welcome to Sharemarketschool.com – Learn what’s the secret behind successful investing.